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Create sparkling teams with the Team Spark platform

The first platform that digitally coaches entire teams towards felt greatness via a 6 month programme.

All you need is a team, 2 hours a month and our platform!

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From a group of staff to a

mission driven tribe.. 

this is how

good teams are made great.

Dream teams are made intentionally

Take the journey towards amazing teaming.

Whatever your dream...

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Take the 6 month Team Spark journey.  

Science informed workshops

A 6 month programme aiming your team at success.  Built from Psychological Systems theory and developed with real-world teams at work (1 x 2hr workshop / month)

As easy as it gets

Get together as a team (recommended for teams of near 8 to 20 people), once per month, for 2 hours.  Click Go and experience collective growth.

Low Cost - High Gains

A fraction of the cost of live team coaching, with all the benefit!  See our evidence:

Team leaders & the team

Designed to be a 'click and go' programme of team development.  No workshop leaders are necessary - just a facilitator to press play and to time exercises.

The rest is taken care of by us!


Video directed workshops

Video led workshops.  Designed over 3 years of intensive research with diverse teams across the UK.  Evidence led and rapid impact.


Low Risk 

Making team coaching accessible for any sized team... making team coaching workshops affordable at £45 per month

(10% of the cost of a single team coach lead workshop!)

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Everything you need!

Guided tutorials, facilitator guide, workbook for team members and more!

Gift your Team, Team Spark Today

Hear It from Our Customers

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The workshops have given us a collective sense that we're 'all in it together', that we can raise and think about difficult issues, and that we can make progress collectively.


Team Spark reported benefits

Team Benefits

Team members in Team Spark Programmes tell us that their teams as a whole benefit from improved...


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Individual Benefits

Team members in Team Spark Programmes tell us that they personally benefit from improved:

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Immediate access to your digital programme and supporting resources.

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SETUP guide

1 x digital facilitator's guidebook detailing everything you need to know (17 pages).


7 (+1) x Team workshops designed for you

72 x Videos 

All delivered via an easy to use course delivery platform.


1 x digital workbook for team members

(37 pages).

In case you are wondering, we can serve international clients

Take your Team from 

Good to Great

Trusted by...

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Try It for FREE

No upfront payment needed

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