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Vertical Development - 90 minutes per month

Investing 90 minutes a month with a skilled leadership Psychologist is perhaps the greatest investment into yourself and your business you can make.

Strategic thinking that accelerates personal growth beyond those parts of you that sabotage your best attempts to be a great leader.

"...enabled me to take a step back and look at my work - to understand what I can do to imagine myself sustaining and still in this role in 10 years' time."  (Company Director, Leadership Coaching)


Accelerated Strategy - 90 minutes per week

Facing a time-limited challenge?

Career choice, promotion opportunity, critical work challenge... 

Taking focused time to process your pace into strategic reflection is the hallmark of all successful leaders.  We can facilitate this space for you as a short term secret hand.


"I found the sessions particularly helped me think strategically and approach my challenges in a more logical and balance way. Engaging in coaching has helped me progress and realise my dreams." (Snr Leader, career decision coaching 2022)


Not lonely at the top - 90 minutes+ per month, longterm

CEOs and Directors can feel that they lack a space to talk strategically with somebody who not only understands the challenge but is also skilled in noticing the flaws and traps in their own logic and narratives.

We provide a limited number of arrangements with senior leaders who value this space, starting at 1 session a month with the option to increase or add in drop-in support when needed.

"...challenges and shines a spotlight on what you say you want and what you actually mean and do. It's life-changing."  Director.


Balance & Abundance - 90 minutes (freq is needs-based)

We are specialists in building leadership success alongside personal wellbeing.  This can include balance, or more nuanced issues relating to stress, confidence, imposter syndrome, physical pain, illness and bullying / abuse recovery.

Feel like and be a true leader


We help you to identify and develop the key skills that underpin leadership success in your sector.


Confident leadership through the development of reflective skills that characterise the leaders we all admire and warm to.


Building self-compassion into your approach and learning how to spread this approach into your leadership style.

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Sparking skills and capability growth in leaders

Arrive as the

Great leaders are made
not born.

Good to Great

One size does not fit all - so we adapt our approaches to fit your people and your organisational needs. 

Our programme is designed to recognise and suit your people's diverse needs, backgrounds and experiences.


We use our proven, blended approach of face to face and remote learning experiences, blending interactive, didactic, experiential and peer to peer learning.

Key strengths


Motivation to lead and reflections on development needs based on psychometric assessment and beyond.  


Models of leadership growth and optimal approaches toreflection.


Streamlining effectiveness at work


Planning and maintaining personal development.


Leading psychologically safe teams.


Compassionate leadership.


Creating partnership working (within and outside of teams).

Key strengths we develop within our programmes.

Evidenced Methods

Proven Impact

100% Satisfaction

Services for you & your leaders

available at pace

1 to 1


6 to 12 month options for leaders who want to experience that next level of confidence and ability.

Highly experienced Psychologist Coach (executive coach)



Our 6 workshop programme for teams of leaders in organisations.

Creating compassionate, effective and insightful leaders of performance, change and wellbeing.



We can develop programmes to fit commissions, with experience at the level of single organisations to networks of 100+ national teams

Why we are a good choice for your team.

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We built and lead the largest healthcare staff charity offer in the UK (  We have facilitated wellbeing 1 to 1 support for 1,000s of staff in the last 12 months alone.

Pile of Books


We have our own experience of leading national organisations (500+ staff) and have won awards in leading large scale innovation and high impact projects.

Golden Star


Our claims are evidence based - which is a condition of our professional status.  We don't inflate our outcomes and we can be trusted!

Hear It from Our Customers

...enabled me to take a step back and look at my work - to understand what I can do to imagine myself sustaining and still in this role in 10 years' time.

Company Director

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