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Colleagues Working Together

Gift yourself an engaged team


All team members want to feel united, but it can be challenging under pressure.  We create this with you.

Feeling Well

Perhaps the greatest threat to businesses this decade, is staff wellbeing.  We are experts in creating wellbeing cultures.


The collective hive mind of an engaged team can be an atomic boost to your business success!  Engagement is at the core of our methods.

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Theory and evidence-driven methods that benefit you & your team

Getting Teams from 
Good to Great

Options for your team

2 Hours per month, in person Team Coaching Programme

Developing a team does not mean days of disruptive work and high costs. 


We have created huge gains in teams by providing 2-hour workshops on a monthly basis, in person or remotely.

Affordable and high impact.


Team recover / repair interventions

For teams where a significant fracture or issue has occurred that feels like an impasse for ongoing great team working:

  • recover from a bullying experience

  • repair significant team fallouts

  • whole team burnout recovery

  • team re-engagement in organisational vision.


This offer can include team assessment / diagnostics, reporting and more regular coaching dependent on needs.


2 Hours per month, Digital Coaching Programme

Why not reduce the costs and meet as a team in workshops that are led by our digital coaching programme, 'Team Spark'. 


Proven to greatly improve teams who are doing well, but openly realise that the culture could be improved.  


Team Spark is a low cost self-subscription package you can access immediately, available here.

Psychological Expertise
at your service

Good to Great

Specialists in taking teams and leaders from good to great


Improved team communication


Better team connections


Feeling valued in the team


Reduced intent to leave the job


Improved team collaborations


and more...

Complex is our forte


Enduring pressure and stress, effecting wellness


A fracture in the team connections


Loss of work life balance boundaries


Crisis / Trauma that has destabilised the team


Previous bullying and a need to heal


A sense that the team sabotages itself

Chartered Psychologists, trained to Doctoral Level in Systems theory, leadership and human psychology.  Whatever your challenge, we can formulate a solution.

Evidenced Methods

Proven Impact

100% Satisfaction

Services for your team

Team Coaching

We built our trade on working direct with teams and still offer this in a range of styles.  Therapeutic through to coaching models, blended to meet your needs.

Team Assessments

Understand your wider team needs at a deeper Psychological level - pointing to culture changes you may need to make.  Supported by us.

Why we are a good choice for your team.

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We built and lead the largest healthcare staff charity offer in the UK (  We have facilitated wellbeing 1 to 1 support for 1,000s of staff in the last 12 months alone.

Pile of Books


Clinical, Behavioural, Organisational, Systemtic, Coaching... not only do we know the theories but we have Masters / Doctorates in them all - as applied practitioners!

Golden Star


Our claims are evidence based - which is a condition of our professional status.  We don't inflate our outcomes and we can be trusted!

Hear It from Our Customers

It's been challenging and has pushed us as a team and me individually, but has also been fun and has built connections all across the team. 

Team leader

FREE SUBSCRIPTION & loads of FREE resources

  • Free guidebooks created out of years ot Teams research

  • Free insight readings to your inbox

  • Free live events / webinar invites

  • Community early bird discounts to future courses

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