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26 ideas that will activate your practice's
resilience & success

The secrets to Primary Care teamwork, made easy and accessible.

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Join the 1,000s of healthcare staff who've benefited from our learning.


What your peers say...

"What is the secret to sustainability and resilience in General Practice… this is the central question?

The secret to success when under pressure is a culture of teamwork and
this book provides a very usable blueprint. The book is well-written, well-paced, easy to read and full of great ideas.

If you’re looking for
positive insights and approaches to success in primary care – you’ve just found them."


Practice Manager Association

Psychological Insights that are proven to work in Primary Care Teams

26 ideas that upgrade your understanding and approaches to:

  • personal resilience and wellbeing as a leader

  • primary care leadership approaches

  • primary care innovation success

  • team resilience and wellbeing


Applying even a handful of these ideas will make a huge difference to how you and your team function, connect, feel and progress!


26 ideas designed to help you & your team...

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26 Chapters, 155 pages.

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Dr Craig Newman is a multi- award winning Clinical Psychologist. he founded and leads the national non profit support service for NHS staff who are experiencing burnout ( which coaches thousands of NHS staff each year for free. he also leads aimyourteam as a programme lead for NHS interventions, whilst providing direct Psychological coaching interventions and retreats for teams and leaders.

This book is a product of Craig's experience of working with primary care teams, their leaders and the wider system of NHS primary care development.

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