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PCN Culture
Partnership Harmony

Building a connected and trusting culture into rapidly formed PCNs

Bringing together practices at pace, into a PCN is challenging...


We can provide expert support to quickly create a sense of connection, trust and co-working in the partners & wider team...


Getting your Partnership
Board to greatness


Addressing issues that fall out of the rapid formation of PCNs, across COVID, which has prevented much of the team connectedness work that is needed.


Supporting the scale-up culture changes that come with growing as a business partner in a clinical setting.  Learning to communicate value, appreciation and care alongside aspirations to perform well.


Experientially accelerating the development of trust between business partners and their staff.  Starting at the level of the partnership board.

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Strengthening your Wider Team

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Understanding how the partners can activate engagement in their team, the primary predictor of success for any business.  Making this clear as a policy / guidebook rather than abstract values.


Activating a culture of value, where staff value each other and safe innovative practice emerges as a result.  The cornerstone of all fast changing, successful, enterprise.


Reframing retention as culture work and enabling staff to feel engaged, valued and supported.  Bringing the partners closer to the team, the primary predictor of leadership efficacy.

Options for your team

All of our options are bespoke and responsive to your specific needs and personalities.

Typical commissions include:

Partnership Board Team Coaching

2 hours per month x 6 months, remote programme.

Developing a culture of shared value, business mindedness and a mission to succeed alongside the ability to communicate well, connect as partners and work well through challenge.

As a part of this offer, we also offer the opportunity for every board member to meet us ahead of the team work – to engage, be heard and to identify their own aspirations and personal needs.

High impact and experiential.  See some of our experience and impact here, at the regional and national Primary Care levels.

We regularly meet with partnership boards for 2 hours per month, so don’t believe it is impossible!

Led by award winning Clinical Psychologist & Team Coach.



Wider team culture policy creation

Insight research across the whole team and partnership consultation, with a possible policy review (where policies exist).


The output is a summary of current experience, identified need and concrete policy recommendations that advise on the short term and long term organisational approach to improving culture.

Led by our Chartered Organisational Psychologist and MDT Communications specialist researcher.

Individual leadership coaching

In our work, we regularly identify leadership / wellbeing need in managers and GPs.  We are able to offer individual space, with specialist support for staff in need.


We published a book for Primary Care leaders that demonstrates much of our approach and values, we have made this FREE for you here.

Digital coaching for sub-teams

A digital coaching programme developed for sub-teams within your PCN (practices, admin teams, nursing teams etc).  


A  6 month programme (2 hour monthly workshop) developed in Primary Care and evaluated. Provides access to team development at a much reduced cost, with proven high impact.

Why choose us?

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Experience & Skill

We are an unusual collection of Chartered Psychologists, researchers, behaviourists and coaches who have 22+ years experience in the NHS and repeated evidence in effecting better teams (at regional and national NHS levels). 

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Primary Care Specialists

We specialised in Primary Care – having worked with over 100 practices, coached many GPs and Managers and published the book, “Leading Primary Care: Resilience, Team Culture, Innovation” (2021).

Golden Star

Testimonials & more...

We have many testimonials, NHS evaluation reports and more evidencing our work, which you can see a sample of here.

Evidenced Methods

Proven Impact

100% Satisfaction

Hear It from Our Customers

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It's been challenging and has pushed us as a team and me individually, but has also been fun and has built connections all across the team. 

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FREE SUBSCRIPTION & loads of FREE resources

  • Free guidebooks created out of years ot Teams research

  • Free insight readings to your inbox

  • Free live events / webinar invites

  • Community early bird discounts to future courses

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100% "would recommend"

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