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Retaining and optimising your team


Let us help you to build a team culture that retains staff.  Experienced in tribe building and individual staff profiling through to role design.


We provide institution specific training around your needs.  Communication, wellbeing, governing board functioning etc.

Reduce the pain

Public sector organisations such as schools can be challenging to unite as a tribe.  We have experience in succeeding at this.

Colleagues Working Together

Proven Value we are
bringing to schools

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Good to Great

The impact we have had in the public sector includes:


Reduce Stress


Role clarity improvements


Improve work/life balance 


Increased leadership confidence


Increased staff retention

Built on years of experience in the public sector across the UK

Bringing our Impact
to School Teams

Evidenced Methods

Proven Impact

100% Satisfaction

Coaching for your team

Team Spark is our digital coaching programme, ideally suited to INSET days and team meetings.

The team is expertly guided through our proven interactive programme 

Unique team building

Team Spark offers a unique and flexible approach to more connected, effective and focused teams. Creating a working dynamic to help reduce stress and improve team function 

Affordable and sustainable

The Team Spark digital programme gives you an affordable solution to team coaching, that once purchased, can be accessed on repeat for the team as needed. 


Maximise the impact of your INSET days

Services for your team

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Senior Leaders/Governors


Plan your next retreat with us, in Devon.

High impact retreat that upskills whilst reducing stress.

Train & Retain 

Admin staff

Enable your admin staff to deal with difficult conversations 

Coming soon

Coaching Options

We are specialists in the Public Sector, see our Options below:

Why we are a good choice for your school.

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We built and lead the largest healthcare staff charity offer in the UK (  We have facilitated wellbeing 1 to 1 support for 1,000s of staff in the last 12 months alone.

Pile of Books


Clinical, Behavioural, Organisational, Systemtic, Coaching... not only do we know the theories but we have Masters / Doctorates in them all - as applied practitioners!

Golden Star


Our claims are evidence based - which is a condition of our professional status.  We don't inflate our outcomes and we can be trusted!

Hear It from Our Customers

...enabled me to take a step back and look at my work - to understand what I can do to imagine myself sustaining and still be in this role in 10 years' time.

Deputy Head

FREE SUBSCRIPTION & loads of FREE resources

  • Free guidebooks created out of years of teams research

  • Free insight readings to your inbox

  • Free live events / webinar invites

  • Community early bird discounts to future courses

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100% "would recommend"

Trusted by...

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