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Handling Difficult

Skills training for NHS Primary Care
admin staff... and more

One low fee = The whole admin team trained

Amazing value...


Feel relaxed knowing your admin staff have the best start / refresher at hand. Addressing role engagement, key skills and staff resilience.

Peace of mind


No mornings off the desk or away days to upskill your team.  Split into small chunks that fit around role demands.

Train without disruptions


Our prices start at £12.50 per admin staff member! Low risk, high return.

Incredible value!

Making difficult conversations feel easier...

Difficult conversation skills

Low cost digital and live training options to develop your admin staff's ability to manage difficult patient conversations well.

Admin Staff Wellbeing

We develop a sense of professional identity in your staff, throughout the course - to support staff retention and team engagement.

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Training and group support to maintain wellbeing and engagement in their role.

Role engagement

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For me this approach has helped me see that I can achieve way more than I gave myself credit for to begin with

Primary Care Administrator

Feel proud of your role

Feel equipped to handle all patient contacts.
Feel connected to your job and eager to succeed.
I'm ready to feel confident in my role, Sign me up!

More than just a course!

Starts at £125* for 10 staff (incl VAT)

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3 x Hours total duration, split into 20-minute themes.

12 months access for each staff member.

Developed by Clinical and Organisational Psychologists, and

updated yearly.

Downloadable resources:

  • guidebook 

  • relaxation & destress audio files for staff phones (x3)

  • tips reference sheets

Themes covered

  1. Professional identity as medical admin

  2. Key skills for great to managed conversations

  3. Personal and team resilience skills, key to the role.


Ideas and templates to help YOU, as the manager, to support your admin team!

Why it's the right fit for your team...

Regional Case Study

This course was recently commissioned to be provided to all admin staff in a Southwest county of England

(120+ practices).


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The Programme Contents

Sample content...

Tips 2-3 of our Active Listening training video (4 mins)

Frequently Asked Qs

Who is this course for?

Healthcare admin staff who regularly experience difficult conversations with patients



Why should I do this course?

We will upskill you so that you feel confident in your job, can enjoy it more and can support your wellbeing at work. You will also get a certificate of professional development



When is the course?

This is a digital course so you can do it when you have the time just log in and off you go!


How long does it take?

3 hours in total although it is broken up into approximately 20 minute chunks



What do I need to do the course?

A computer, a pen and you (cup of tea optional!)



Can I watch videos again?

Yes of course, and you have 4 months unlimited access.

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