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Retain your valued Admin Staff & Improve Patient experiences.

Difficult conversation skills

Low cost digital and live training options to develop your admin staff's ability to manage difficult patient conversations well.

Admin Staff Wellbeing

Training and group support to maintain wellbeing and engagement in their role.

Role engagement

We create a sense of professional identity and a community of practice between admin staff, across practices.  This is often missing for admin staff.

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Handling Difficult Conversations
Primary Care Admin Staff

Improve staff retention and patient satisfaction with a single solution

Upskill + Engagement = Retention

Certified training course

  • 3 hours (in 20 min chunks)

  • Role development

  • Key skills and approaches for managing difficult conversations with Primary Care patients

  • Self-care approaches

Role Engagement & Support

  • Monthly 1hr admin peer support and training group (online)

  • Monthly admin themed newsletter

  • All led and developed by Chartered Psychologists & Coaches.

Evidenced Methods

Proven Impact

100% Satisfaction

Potential Benefits for your practice...


Better outcomes for staff and distressed patients


Less support burden on management


Admin support to reduce admin compassion fatigue


Peer learning opportunity from other admin staff

Two Options for your
Admin Staff

Option 1. Train
Difficult conversations course

£45 per staff member (incl VAT)

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Online digital course + completion certificate

2 x Hours total duration, split into 20-minute themes.

Developed by Clinical and Organisational Psychologists

Optional hardcopy handbook and sample scripts.

Topics covered

  • Core communication skills within clinical care professional context.

  • Supporting distressed patients

  • Responding to aggression

  • Handling complaints

  • Activating and using scripts in difficult scenarios

  • When and how to terminate communication

  • When to escalate a complaint

  • Personal coping and resilience strategies

Option 2: Train & Support.
Training Course + Support Groups.

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£25 per person, per month (incl VAT)

The digital training programme listed above is included.

1 hour per month access to a Clinical Psychologist led support group for admin staff who regularly experience aggression or abusive communications with patients. This is a 6 month support programme.

Support includes:

  • Professional skills training

  • Role support

  • Emotional support

  • Psychological debrief training

  • Peer support and peer support access development

  • Peer learning and networking

  • Groups for admin staff only.

Sign Your Staff Up Now

limited spaces available

Digital Course only

£45 per staff member.

(incl VAT)

Digital access.

2 hours.

Printable reference materials.

Certificate provided on completion.

Starting June 2022

£25 per month, per staff member.

(incl VAT)

Instant access to the course & resources.


Monthly 1 hour support group

(different slots available)

Monthly Newsletter.

Digital Course 
'Handling Difficult Conversations'

Purchase now, invites for launch will be sent to staff from June 2022 onwards

More than 5 staff?

We provide large practice / PCN discounts.

Buy Course Digita

Digital Course & Support Programme

Sign up now, immediate bookings available into the support programme.

Digital course invites will be sent out June 2022.

FREE for all Devon Practices

  • 'Training & Support' has been commissioned by the Devon Primary Care Training Hub for all Admin Staff in Devon based practices for the financial year 2022-2023.

  • Check email communications or contact us for access instructions.

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FREE SUBSCRIPTION & loads of FREE resources

  • Free guidebooks created out of years of teams research

  • Free insight readings to your inbox

  • Free live events / webinar invites

  • Community early bird discounts to future courses

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